FRIDAY - SEPTEMBER 14th at 8:30pm

Restless Heart

Restless Heart

Not fitting the classic definition of "country" at its inception, Restless Heart forged a new path and created a new sound when they went beyond writing and singing demos to becoming the face of a new brand of country music.

Comparisons to the sound of The Eagles were not uncommon with pure and flawless harmonies showcasing the talent and musicianship of all five original members that continues today.  John Dittrich, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, Greg Jennings, and Larry Stewart-- the men who make up Restless Heart - have enjoyed one of the most successful careers in Country Music History.  With an early ACM award, gold and platinum records and multiple number 1 hits to their credit, this year's 35th anniversary tour is set to include concert, festival, symphony, and Christmas Shows.

Numerous Restless Heart singles have charted Billboard Country.  "Why Does It Have to Be (Wrong or Right)" and "The Bluest Eyes in Texas" are just a few of the timeless hits that have left their mark on the genre.  "I'll Still Be Loving You" remains on the list of 50 top country love songs of all time and they've also achieved cross-over success, rare in the music world, with "When She Cries", named BMI Song of the Year, followed by another top ten crossover single, "Tell Me What You Dream".

Influencing four decades of country music, the biographies of such artists as  Rascal Flatts, Brad Paisley, and Little Big Town would not be complete without references to Restless Heart.

Looking back, there is no doubt that Restless Heart was cool country before county WAS cool.  There are no signs of slowing down and the best may be yet to come as the Restless Heart "Wheels" continue to roll on down the road.



The Caleb Cook Band - 7:00pm

The Caleb Cook Band

The Caleb Cook Band

The Caleb Cook Band is dedicated to providing a good time through the preservation of Classic Country, Roots, and Old Time Music.  Studying the music of the greats such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Buck Owens, The Caleb Cook band draws inspiration while composing music in the same timeless style.  With a steel guitar and an upright bass how can you go wrong?  We are very happy to have CCB warm up the stage for the Restless Heart.

The Band is:  Caleb Cook (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Kauffman (Vocals/Bass), Brian Miller (Vocals/Pedal Steel), Steve McQueen (Drums)

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